Illinois middle of pack for voter turnout, highest turnout in decades

Interactive graphic available here

The 2020 Presidential Election had the highest voter turnout, percentage-wise, of any presidential election in over 100 years. Illinois ranked 26th out of 51 for voter turnout (including Washington D.C.) …

Election day is rapidly approaching and some voters may feel ill-equipped or unprepared for what to do come Nov. 3 and how to vote.

For starters, there may be some confusion regarding registration deadlines. The deadline for registering to vote by mail was on Oct. 6, registering online closed…

The World’s #1 Search Engine

When you think of a search engine, the very first thought that comes to mind is probably Google. I can’t think of anyone I know that says “Here, let me Bing that for you” or “Let me just hit up DuckDuckGo real quick for you.”…

An In-Depth Look into How Xbox Live is Good for Creators

By Joe Crump

In recent years, the video game industry has been exploding with massive growth in attention to esports, gaming streams, and explosive YouTube celebrity status. In turn, the entertainment industry relating to videogames has exploded massively. Things…

Joe Dos Santos Crump

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